Services at Dean's Autoshine

Windsors premiere automotive detailing and tinting centre for over 30 years providing both the public and commercial customers with fast dependable quality service . Our customers include most major dealerships, government agencies including police, CBSA and Fire and emergency.

Dean's Interior Package

Dean's Full Detail Package

*Vehicle must be seen in order to receive an exact estimate, either in person or emailed photos.

** Our interior detailing does not include the headliner.  In some cases it can be done at an additional cost but this varies from vehicle to vehicle and overall condition of headliner.

Dean's Autoshine is now an Exclusive and certified provider for "System X®", "SPS Graphene®" and "SunTek REACTION Paint Protection Film

Important Pricing Guidelines

Detail Pricing

Unfortunately it is difficult to provide exact pricing without actually seeing the vehicle.

The pricing structure is based on time spent, we don't expect someone to bring us a clean car to detail so 90% of the time the price is as stated on our website. Instances such as pet hair or excess soiling can change that price and that is why we have to view the vehicle. This can be done at our facility or by emailing us detailed photos. Thank you.

Exterior Polishing / Paint Correction & Protections

Because of the variables involved with automotive paint it is impossible to give exact estimates without actually seeing the vehicle. Paint condition determines what products, methods & time necessary and this directly reflects cost. There are products & methods to fit most budgets, but beware of over the phone one price fits all estimates because it can be misleading. Thank you.

A La Carte Services

Window Tinting

We use special software and machinery to cut film precisely for your vehicle.

New Car Protection Packages

Includes - Rust Proofing, Sound Deadner, Paint Sealants and Fabric Protections

Ceramic Paint Coatings

We at Dean’s Auto Shine are now offering a full line of the latest Ceramic Paint Coatings. Click Title or here to learn more.

Paint Correction

We at Dean’s Auto Shine are now offering paint correction services using the latest RUPES Polishing systems and products.

Paint Protection

We apply a specialized high speed polishing and paint protection using the highest quality of products.

Dent Removal

Have a small dent? Bring vehicle in and let our team of experts take a look and see if it can be fixed.

Fabric and Vinyl Repair

Upholstery problem? Bring your vehicle in and let our team of experts take a look and see if it can be cleaned or fixed.

High Heat High Pressure Extraction Services

We now offer High Heat High Pressure Extraction Services and or air purification (deodorize) using chlorine dioxide generators.

We Do It All at Dean's Autoshine!

We take pride in everything we do.  Collectively we have the best combined experience and services available in any detail shop in the area.  From Detailing, Window Tinting, Paint Correction, Polishing, Paint Sealants (nano based ceramic coatings), New Car Rust Protection, Fabric Protections, Vinyl and Leather Repair, Dent Removal and more!  Many of our services include some of the best warranties in the industry.  We encourage to ask us about them!

We also offer Gift Certificates year round, different amounts available and they can be redeemed at any time. Please click here for more information.

Vehicle Detailing

Premium Detailing Services!

For your car, truck, bus, boat even plane! Leave it to our team to get the job done! 2 great packages to choose from! Please get in touch with us for a more accurate quote. We provided services for both commercial and non-commercial customers.

Window Tinting

Expert Tinting Services!

We can tint just about any Glass, our tinting services are available for your vehicle, truck, bus, plane, home or commercial building. No job too big or too small! We carry and use only the best materials, and have one the best guarantees available in the business. For a more accurate quote, please get in touch with someone from our team.

Our Premium Products

We use only the Highest Quality Products on the market!

We at Dean’s only use the HIGHEST QUALITY proprietary Carbon and Ceramic based window film by Sun-Tek all computer cut for a safe precision installation, offering the best warranty in the industry. Hand selected by the largest film manufacturer in the world and the pioneers of window film, there is no question that you can trust Dean for your automotive needs.

Our Film offers superior appearance and performance. Manufactured and engineered with precision, our film offers the highest in UV ray and heat rejection. Backed with a transferable lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, you can trust the service and the results. Also Included is a no fault warranty allowing the consumer one free redo on any window if the damage is their fault – I.e their child scratches it with a pen or window gets broken etc…

This is the only warranty like this in the industry!! Please inquire for more information!

SunTek Reaction is a completely reinvented product that merges the super hydrophobicity of ceramic coating with premium, self-healing paint protection film. This advanced two-in-one construction keeps your finish looking like it rarely sees the road, thanks to impressive protective benefits.

Visit for more information.

Surface scratches self-heal using heat, helping to protect against damage caused by rocks, salt and more.

OEM-trusted Tetrashield technology; easy-clean efficiency from slick surface where water beads faster, taking dirt with it.

Optically super clean with intense gloss and no orange peel.

Anti-yellowing properties and advanced stain resistance against dirt, insects and more.

Up to 25% increased resistance to damage from acid rain, bird droppings and tree sap.

Backed by a manufacturer’s 12 year limited warranty, our best warranty to date.

*Compared to other top brands. **SunTek® Paint Protection Films are backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty and the warranty periods and coverages vary by product; certain restrictions apply. Eastman’s facilities in Martinsville, VA are
ISO9001:2015 certified. ©2021 Eastman Performance Films, LLC. All rights reserved. No liability is accepted for errors. (03/21)

We are now a Certified Provider for
"System X®" and "SPS Graphene®"

Why Choose System X®

A breakthrough in paint protection, System X® provides previously unachievable levels of slickness, gloss, durability, and chemical resistance.

Proprietary ultra-slick ceramic technology for Auto, Aircraft, and Marine.
Extremely hydrophobic and durable protection.

Contact our team today to book this service or to get a quote.  Click on the following link to learn more about System X®.

SPS Graphene®

Welcome to the next level of vehicle coatings. SPS Graphene Coating takes the concept of Ceramic Coating and simply takes it to new levels of protection.

Graphene is said to be the “miracle material” due to an abundance of beneficial properties.

Contact our team today to book this service or to get a quote.  Click on the following link to learn more about SPS Graphene®.