Frequently Asked Questions

What Form of Payments are acceptable?

We try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate our customers. At this time we currently accept Cash, Debit, Visa, Mastercard and E-Transfer. We also accept the ARI card for government and fleet vehicles.

What do I need to know about the Detailing Process?

When detailing interiors we use a combination of chemicals to ensure great results, we use extractor systems from Esteam insuring deep cleaning and high heat dis infecting , allow approximately 6 hours for our interior services, we offer 2 types of guaranteed odor removal for both organic and inorganic odor , your vehicle is typically dry upon pickup but in extreme cases may still have slight dampness for 24 hours , we don’t offer “ mini “ details to do a proper job the proper amount of time must be spent , if not you’re just getting a fancy car wash and probably paying to much . Interior levels or conditions vary greatly which can significantly add to the time necessary to clean your vehicle , this is why we have to see the vehicle for an exact estimate.

What is a Paint Correction service at Dean's?

Paint correction is a skill acquired over years , at Deans we use the latest techniques and equipment from companies like Rupes , a proper polish or correction is quite in depth and requires time there are no short cuts an improperly polished vehicle can literally ruin your finish, all of our polishing and ceramic coatings come with a full money back guarantee, if it doesn’t perform and look like we tell you , you don’t pay ! Beware of bargains , you truly get what you pay for!

What is your pricing policy?

Our prices reflect our quality and commitment to our customers as well as our staff , we take pride in the fact that we employ dedicated people who enjoy what they do and make a proper living wage doing it.

What do I need to know about a Window Tint Service?

Windows must be left up for 3 days, full cure takes about, 7 days, "blotchiness" and minor bubbling while drying is normal, all of our tint whether carbon or ceramic are lifetime warrantied, if a repair is necessary it is done promptly. Window tinting is an aftermarket product and it’s installation is effected by many variables so slight imperfections or silver spots are normal in ANY tint job.